Beach Horse Riding on the Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol has always been one favourite holiday spots in southern Spain with numerous recreation tourist activities, including beach horse riding that catches the interest of holidaymakers.

Horse riding is indeed in Andalusian culture for centuries, and it is a tradition which is very much alive today. Other than riding horses in the beautiful scenic countryside, the long shoreline of Costa del Sol offers a truly memorable experience of beach horse riding.

Unlike most other riding holidays, a beach horse riding is popular all year round; however, during summer months you may not get horses on some busy beaches, as in some parts of southern Spain certain legalities prevent horses on crowded beaches.

For equestrian enthusiast and even regular travellers, beach horse riding not only brings an exhilarating riding experience next to the oceans with the waves breaking aside, but also a nice way of sunbathing as you ride through the gorgeous white sandy beaches of Costa del Sol.

There is nothing refreshing like galloping through the waves and taking the pleasure of cool Mediterranean Sea breeze while catching up with some sights of spectacular coastline in a romantic ambiance.

There are many riding schools on the Coast where you can enrol yourself in some recreational riding programmes before taking to the shore. If you are for a couple of week vacation to this part of Spain, a few days equestrian training is not a bad idea!

And in case you already have all the basic skills required for horse riding you may ask your travel operator or approach the equestrian centre near the beach to go for an hourlong beach horse riding.

The openness of the sea, the expanse of sand and the pleasing atmosphere under the sun, together promises a mesmerising and relaxing horse riding experience on the beaches of Costa del Sol.

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