Caterham Drift at Ascari Ronda

Here every motor sports enthusiast has a very original and unique opportunity to have a ride on the world famous Ascari race track in Ronda.

Located in a place of unparalleled scenic surroundings in southern Spain, the Ascari race track is very much popular in Spain.

With a length of 5.425 m, Ascari is presently the longest race track in Spain. Motor sports lovers flock to the race track to enjoy watching regular professional racing events. However for those who want to experience the excitement of co-piloting, too, can join the professionals here.

Activity organiser in Andalucia propose you this full day race track with a guided visit of the Ascari garages housing the Ascari racing cars and Formula 1 collection.

A track day at Ascari

Coming to the track day, this one on offer is an exciting one with 26 corners (13 left and 13 right) and incredible cambers and slopes. This will surely give you an experience which is a mix of all the best tracks worldwide.

In collaboration with the RS academy club, activity organiser company Experience Box Spain gives you the option to be a guest passenger of one qualified pilots, bring you a high level of adrenaline as you will feel like a real professional pilot for a while… a long while as the track seems endless.

As most of us are not trained racing car drivers, we cannot have the privilege to push the cars to their limit, however, while seating alongside as a passenger gives you the best opportunity to discover and enjoy the incredible power of these race cars.

This Package includes a total of 3 laps as co-pilot in the Caterham R500 Superlight, meaning more than 15 KM of track experience. Adrenaline seekers, this extreme co-piloting experience is for you!

About the Caterham at Ascari Ronda

This latest and greatest incarnation from Caterham will put the best of the today’s supercars in the shade thanks to its Veyron beating power to weight figure. Absolutely fabulous for a sunny day on the track!

The R500: Caterham’s maddest, meanest creation returns to scare witless anyone brave enough to strap themselves into its kevlar bucket seat: more advanced, more usable, but promising to be as vicious as an R500 should be.

Caterham at Ascari Ronda

It actually weighs 9kg less than an R400 thanks to thinner body panels and aluminium rear light clusters amongst a host of other tweaks. This car also has the sequential gearbox and launch control and runs on the new Avon ZZRs.

So this is Caterham at its most extreme? Any car faintly resembling a bathtub on wheels with 500bhp-per-tonne is going to be extreme, let’s face it.

However, the difference between this latest creation and the old, Rover K-series powered R500, is that you no longer need to mercilessly cane the life out of the engine to extract that supercar-humbling performance.

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