Costas survey finds opticians’ pricing confuses consumers

In a recent survey of Spanish eyeglass wearers in the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, it was discovered that a significant percentage of consumers find optical pricing unclear and difficult to understand. The results point to confusing pricing with unclear or unpublished costs for lenses and lens treatments, leading to a nasty and expensive surprise when consumers reach the till.

Unclear pricing was experienced by Costas consumers of all ages, with 29% of the survey’s respondents saying they found pricing confusing. However, in the vulnerable over 60s age group, which need the most optical care, that figure rose to a huge 62%. The survey, conducted by Advent Communication of Malaga and commissioned by Specsavers Opticas, interviewed 397 eyeglass wearers in four separate Costas towns.

The survey also found that the average price paid by respondents for a pair of glasses was €360. However, the average price paid by customers at Specsavers Opticas in the past year was much lower at €193.22.

“The results indicate that some opticians need to listen to their customers and offer clearer, more affordable pricing,” said Specsavers Opticas’ business development manager José Ángel Moral-Tajadura. “Eye health is important, and in these tough economic times on the Costas, consumers must have quality optical care at a fair price. Specsavers Opticas hopes to lead the way to show the Spanish optical industry that it can be done.”

Specsavers is already popular among expats living on the Costas, since it is a well-known brand in the U.K. and Nordic region. Specsavers Opticas is engaged in a marketing campaign now to reach out to Spanish consumers who might not be as familiar with the company. There are four Specsavers Opticas stores on the Costas, in Fuengirola, Calpe, Jávea and Torrevieja.

Specsavers has earned a reputation as a “consumer champion” in ten countries, offering customers clearly priced, affordable eyewear plus top-notch professional service. It has been voted the U.K.’s Most Trusted Optician for 9 years in a row. Specsavers’ value-for-money formula has been especially welcome in tough economic times. After Specsavers opened in Finland in 2007 with low prices that stimulated an optical price war, economists credited the company with helping to delay the country’s recession.

Specsavers is a family-run, global brand of opticians with more than 1,500 stores in the U.K., Republic of Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Australia, New Zealand and Spain. To find out more, visit

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