Walk el Camino del Rey

do you have what it takes to walk the camino del rey?

Experience Box Spain proposes you to Walk El Caminito Del Rey, the scariest pathway in the world.

Also known as the King’s Pathway, this is a walkway, now fallen into disrepair, pinned along the steep walls of the narrow gorge of El Chorro, near Malaga (approximately 2 hours drive from Gibraltar).

The camino del rey walkway has now gone many years without maintenance, and is in a highly deteriorated state. It is approx 1m wide, and is over 200m (700ft) above the river.

Nearly the entire path has no handrail. Some parts of the walkway have completely collapsed and have been replaced by a (Via Ferrata) beam and a metallic wire on the wall.

Included in the Camino del Rey Experience:

* Highly qualified guides.
* All necessary climbing equipment (i.e. harness, Via Ferrata lanyards, helmets etc).
* Team safety equipment (i.e. ropes, first aid kits).
* Transport to and from El Chorro (We can pick you up and drop you off from; Gibraltar, Estepona, Marbella and Malaga).

Excluded from the Camino del Rey Experience:

* Food (You can bring a packed lunch).
* Insurance (if you want one, you can use companies like www.snowcard.co.uk, level 2 “via ferrata” cover).

What to Bring to the Camino del Rey Experience:

* Water and packed lunch.
* Small amount of money for sundries.
* A sense of humour!

How to get more information on Camino del Rey

For more information about the Camino del Rey please contact Experience Box Spain by clicking here

the camino del rey is not for the faint hearted

camino del rey offers a historic, natural and beutiful setting

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