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Fuengirola-ZooIn this day and age, zoos being built thankfully do not resemble the old time zoos of animals in empty metal cages with one artificial tree to provide shade. Instead, many zoos are being built to replicate the natural habitat of each and every one of the animal species living there.

The Fuengirola New Zoo is a perfect example; it has created a Disney like atmosphere for the animals; rivers, gigantic trees, impressive waterfalls, bamboo-shrouded temples, hanging bridges and abandoned mines. This is a fantastic way for children to see exotic animals from such places as Madagascar, Africa and South-East Asia interacting with each other in their natural habitat.

As you wander through the simulated tropical forest, lush with vegetation, rivers and waterfalls, you’ll see alligators basking on the sandy shores of the Nile, Sumatra tigers swimming beside Angkor Wat, monkeys playing around the thousand year old Baobab tree and bats flying around the abandoned mines. Looking down into “The Forest Floor” section you are likely to see giant snails and river hogs.

“The Forest Canopy” hovering over your head is full of noisy gibbons and hornbills and rainbow loris monkeys. Wherever you look in this impressive zoo, the only thing between you and the animals are natural barriers like bridges and riverbanks, or windows that allow you to get right up close with the breath of the animals fogging up the windows!

During summer, in the months of July and August, the zoo stays open until 1.00 am allowing visitors to stay and observe the nocturnal animals, such as leopards, flying foxes and owls. The forest paths are lit with artificial moonlight and sounds of animals echo through the forests. The zoo even provides especially themed restaurants to enjoy after your “moonlight visit”. This unique touch is very impressive and adds to the magical Disney- like experience.

An additional bonus for the kids is the large play area, including a miniature farm where kids can interact with the animals one on one. The zoo has also made sure that it is easily accessible to those with disabilities since most of the grounds are flat with no barriers.


Entry: Tickets are available at the zoo box office, hotels, travel agencies, and the Portillo bus terminals. There is a 1 euro discount for passengers arriving on the Malaga local train. Two tours are made daily – mornings and afternoons.

Adults: 12,30 euros, Children: Ages 3 to 9 – 8,60 euros and Retired: 8,90 euros.

Located at: Calle Camilo Jose Cela 6, 29640 Fuengirola, Malaga. Tel: 952 666 301. The Zoo is in the centre of the town of Fuengirola, only a few minutes walk from the bus terminal and train Station.

Image Credit: zoofuengirola.com

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