Marbella Visits for David Cameron and Nick Clegg

David CameronFollowing the visit of US First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughter Sasha to the Mediterranean coast, if reports are to be believed, there are more high profile figures heading to this part of Spain for summer breaks in particular David Cameron, the British Prime minister and his deputy Nick Clegg.

This is not new for David Cameron to choose Ronda, in close proximity of  Marbella, in as his favourite holiday destination. He has been visiting Ronda for several years; however, this time his tour could be in the spotlight because of the special position he holds as the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg are familiar with Spain

Interestingly, David Cameron ‘s deputy Nick Clegg is also very much familiar to Spain, considering the fact that his wife Miriam Gonzalez Durántez is a Spaniard, who comes from the region of Olmedo in Valladolid. So for Clegg, as well, it is a usual holiday preference.
Earlier in June this year, Clegg was on an official tour to Madrid and his visit was well-received by Spanish press not only because he emphasised on Britain’s interest in the Eurozone’s economic success but also he speaks excellent Spanish, something the Spanish openly appreciate. But this time, the visit in August would be purely private, as expected.

As a matter of dates, it has been confirmed that Clegg will go on vacation in the first of half of August while the Prime Minister will make it in the second half. Clegg himself had told this in reply to veteran Labour politician Jack Straw: “In the absence of Cameron, I’ll be available to monitor the govt”.

David Cameron

David Cameron 's deputy Nick Clegg

Although the details of their visit have not been disclosed due to security reasons, David Cameron will certainly love to holiday in the Serrania de Ronda, where he enjoys hiking but of course this time, it would not be feasible for him to go unnoticed in such a tourist friendly area.

Last visit of David Cameron went unnoticed

Conservative party leader Cameron’s last visit to Ronda went unnoticed as he was then in the opposition and less known, but this time it has been highlighted by Spanish media, following the visit of Michelle Obama and the possible positive after-effects on the tourism industry.

Spain has always been a prominent holiday spot for Britons for many reasons: its proximity, pleasant summer weather, availability of cheap flights, beautiful beaches on a long shoreline and numerous sightseeing options, among others. Hence, it’s no surprise if Britons head south to soak up some Spanish sun.

Mrs Obama’s trip to Spain though tagged by critics as expensive in a critical time when many Americans back home are without jobs, the visit is expected to encourage many holidaymakers around the world to choose southern Spain as their next vacation spot.

Similarly, the forthcoming trips of two of the prominent British politicians certainly hold much importance, if one counts the possible economic impact with such large scale promotion of Spain in international tourism market.

A positive visit by Nick Clegg and David Cameron to Marbella would be a most welcome event.

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