Health Retreats on the Costa del Sol

A luxury spa session or any special health retreat in Costa del Sol promises an excellent vacation with a personal touch.

The reputation of southern Spain, as the preferred most holiday destination in Europe, is asseverated with the development of immense tourist infrastructure including fabulous health and beauty centres.

With the kind of Mediterranean climate -almost 300 sunny days- Costa del Sol has been a great destination for health and beauty retreats. Spanish coasts, with mile upon mile of fabulous golden sandy beaches have been in the list of chosen holiday spots in Europe.

Spa in Costa del Sol

For those who are in search for a fantastic weather and a spa break in Spain; Costa del Sol is indeed your choice. There are many luxury hotels, health clubs and spas that make the perfect choice for a weekend retreat.

Equipped with all modern facilities and healing therapy, amid a natural ambiance, you will leave with a pampered and relaxed experience. These days, almost all luxury hotels on the Costa del Sol offer spa treatment service to guest.

It’s the year round pleasant weather which compliments a variety of alternative health programmes on the Costa del Sol. In case you are on a beach holiday to Marbella or Malaga, you will few spas offering a full range of beauty treatments.

Starting from simply massage to rejuvenation, weight loss and anti-stress programmes there are many more innovative treatments on offer. These bring a unique opportunity to make your holiday more interesting and keep yourself away from all the stress.

Other Retreats on the Costa del Sol

Well, a complete health retreat is not just limited to spa or any complimentary medical treatments. These only constitute an important part of your holiday.

However, there are many other things you may consider that include a nature retreat or ecological tour, yoga, diving, snorkelling, driving along mountains, bicycle touring, meditation retreats etcetera.

Besides, for corporate people, there are business retreats in terms of self awareness and personality development courses. Nevertheless, Costa del Sol and the region of Andalucia in southern Spain are rich in culture and history; hence, a simple travel trip is itself the best of retreat with amazing experience.

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