Healthcare on the Costa del Sol

For someone who is planning to relocate to Costa del Sol, one of the preferred most destinations in Spain, there are various things s/he needs to think about before the final call that also include the healthcare facilities.

Just like any other areas of Spain, Costa del Sol has a high standard health infrastructure developed for both the Spaniards and foreign residents. Both public and private healthcare units function in tandem to improve the quality in service delivery.

Many people prefer Costa del Sol among some other southern Spain regions in their retirement plan because of the weather, Spanish laid back lifestyle, and of course the healthcare facilities. These days, many Britons and citizens of other European Union countries find it very much appropriate in search of warmer climes and better standard of living.

Moreover, Spain guarantees free healthcare to EU citizens under the EEA agreement. The waiting list is probably shorter than UK and most of EU members.  Anyone with EU health card can avail free emergency treatment while full medical services are available for registered pensioners and anyone paying their social security bill.

Facilities under National Health System

The universalisation of healthcare service has made it free for all Spanish citizens. But if you are only living and working in Spain and paying social security (Seguridad Social), you are entitled to receive all healthcare facilities just like any other Spaniards.

Spanish national health system runs at different levels: Central (Organizacion de la Administracion Central), Autonomous (Organizacion Autonomica) and local Areas de Salud. In the autonomous region of Andalucia, which includes Costa del Sol, you have the SAS (Servicio Andaluz de Salud).

Besides, most towns and villages have a Centro de Salud (health centre) which is backed up by hospitals in the bigger towns e.g. The Costa del Sol Hospital just outside Marbella. Other than that high concentration of private hospitals, there is always a public healthcare unit around the Costa del Sol, and it’s never difficult to find one at the time of need.

There are a wide range of medical insurance services available to cover your healthcare needs in Costa del Sol. Many policies allow you to cover a number a clinics, hospitals and specialised doctors to attain you at the time of emergency.

In addition, there is a specialised private health insurance company Helicopteros Sanitarios offering emergency helicopter scheme, which provides 24 hours hospital transfer service, if an emergency occurs.

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