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Kids & Us is coming to Marbella soon! I noticed this today as I was out on my morning walk and passed by a commercial property which had been under refurb for quite some months now and have been wondering for a while what was going to be there.

If you dont know what Kids & Us is, its basically a school to teach Kids English. How do I know this? My sister in law runs a Kids & Us centre  in Ciudad Real and its very successful and when she opened her franchise last year I was very impressed with it as its a fresh, modern and fun way for Kids to learn English in a friendly atmosphere.

Taken from the kids & us web site “Kids&Us is not just another language school. It is a brand with a proven pedagogical methodology and a strong drive for innovation and continuous improvement. Our methodology is one factor that makes us stand out, but it is not the only one. The fact that Kids&Us develops all of its own pedagogical materials, which are 100% designed for each age group, provides significant added value for our students.”

See the web site for more information.


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