Majorica Pearls

Majorica-PearlsMajorica pearls or Mallorca pearls are the hand-made pearls, especially manufactured in Spain using a century old method developed by Eduardo Hugo Heusch. These are imitation pearls with a close resemblance to the natural ones; these are of no unusual for an ordinary eye though experts can easily distinguish the two.

Eduardo, who moved from Germany to France and finally settled in Barcelona, Spain, invented the secret method of creating pearl, and in 1890 founded the Indústria Española de Perlas Imitación. The pearl was first produced in Manacor, on the island of Mallorca (Spain) and subsequently this played a major role in the Majorcan economy with the growing popularity.

Local craftsmen working in those special factories, under strictly guarded manufacturing process, have the specialization to create those items almost close to the real thing and fashion them into beautiful jewellery. These ‘faux’ or ‘artificial’ pearls make some fabulous accessories for the best occasion available without a hefty price tag!

Majorica pearl is recognised worldwide for its quality and perfection. These are in no way real but perfectly matched with the original oyster pearl. Most of simulated pearls are typically made from glass, ceramic, shell, or even plastic while Majoricas are made of solid glass balls coated with a special paste.

The complete process of making pearls is unknown and only restricted to those Majorica pearl experts. What little information obtained concerning the formation of this hand-made pearl is that the process starts with a dull glass of high density with similar weight that of an original pearl.

The craftsmanship starts with shaping it in artificial nuclei before dipping it into a special liquid. The unrefined product then coated with an adhesive paste which is a mixture of oil and ground up fish scales, and then dried up and polished to bring that glazing and colour before the final bit undergoes ultraviolet radiation or some other gases and solutions.

Although, it is quite identical to that of original, a Majorica Pearl can easily be distinguished as each of these possesses the same shape and finishing which is an essential characteristic of a hand-made pearl in Mallorca. But two natural pearls can never be alike as each one has a certain kind of mark that is different from the other. In fact, the surface blemishes act like a fingerprint or birth mark.

With growing popularity as a low-cost alternative to the natural pearl, there is an extensive collection of Majorica Jewelleries available in Spain and other parts of world. From traditional to a fresh modern appeal with some renowned designer tags, this Spanish origin pearl jewellery is now much in demand.

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