Marbella 24 hours Film Challenge

Marbella 24 hours Film ChallengeThe Marbella Film Festival, scheduled for 15th to 17th October, has announced the Marbella 24 hours Film Challenge as a part of its 2010 festival fringe. This exciting activity is certainly expected to attract many talented filmmakers to showcase their creation.

Organised in association with the New World Trust and with the support of “The Marbella Film Office”, the event has been a platform for many in creating some outstanding works.

Here in the earlier editions of the Marbella 24 hours film challenge, filmmakers were given a chance to make a short film and submit for screening in only 24 hours.

This year the Festival offers a subsidised package for accommodation and festival accreditation to the festival, in order to increase the participation.

Over the years, many participants of the Marbella 24 hours Film Challenge have gained international recognition with their association with the festival.

Moreover, the event also offered all amateur and lesser known filmmakers an opportunity of networking with some the most talented international filmmakers in the most glamorous resort of Puerto Banus in Marbella, enjoying a long weekend of films, fun, parties and much more.

How the event works

All filmmaker with their cast and crew, ( or just alone, with a camera and laptop!) are challenged to make a 3 to 4 minute short film on a given subject matter, the task is to write a script, direct the actors, shoot the film, edit, sound and music, and deliver the film in 24 hours.

The most interesting part of the Marbella 24 hours Film Challenge is that all films will be screened and judged as part of the Marbella International Film Festival, where the best film will be presented the prestigious Marbella 24 hour film challenge 2010 Award.

The runners up will receive a certificate of recognition and all participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Registration for Marbella 24 hours Film Challenge

The participation process begins with your registration, so please register for this event as soon as possible.
Registration forms and further details on Marbella 24 hours Film Challenge can be obtained from

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