Marbella Film Festival

The Marbella Film Festival creates a platform for independent international filmmakers to showcase their talent to a wider audience while trying to reach the commercial world. This international event greatly contributes to the cosmopolitan nature of the city by inviting participants from different parts of the world to exhibit their creation.

Listed on the AA (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences list of qualifying festivals) and recognised by the FIAPF (International Federation of Film Producers Associations, the Marbella International Film Festival offers artistic opportunity to those engrossed within the worlds of cinema, visual and performance art.

The film festival is, in fact, an initiation by the New World Trust, the charitable organisation involved in extending a supporting hand to young artists across the globe in maturing their talent with the creation of some excellent products.  However, only few independent artistic works of highest calibre are selected for exhibition.

As far as universal art is concerned, the festival goes beyond boundaries to search and recognise the talent with presentation of works from Europe, Americas, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Through this international event, artists get a great chance to showcase their passion towards the world of cinema through their distinctive artistic technique and approach.

As in most cases artists find it difficult to gain financial assistance required to further their talent or just to embark their artistic venture, the Trust aims to provide startup capital for independent art projects. And films selected for screening at the Marbella Film Festival are primarily the representative of independent cinematographers.

The film festival which continues for three days include film premiers, music, dance, art exhibitions, other cultural activities along with workshops, lectures, fashion shows and gala evenings. Over the years, the Marbella Film Festival has emerged as a key and much anticipated international art event in the Marbella social calendar.

All countries and cultures are invited to submit their entries to the Marbella Film Festival, and with the amalgamation of different works representing various cultures and regions, the festival becomes an ideal platform for education and encouragement of multicultural art event.

Talking about the cultural diversity, you will find immense variety when large portions of films submissions are accepted from English, Spanish, French, Italian and Arabic speaking countries. With this, you would find a true feeling of different cultures ranging from Caribbean to Scandinavian, Persian to Portuguese, Irish to Indian and much more.

Marbella Film Festival accepts entries in categories such as features, shorts, documentaries and animations, in all genres, from all independent film makers. Of course, the introductions of each film entered into the competition are required to provide a background on the film’s development and objectives.

2010 Marbella Film Festival

The 2010 Marbella Film Festival is scheduled to be held from 15th to 17th October, with an array of extraordinary independent art. Andalucia Plaza Hotel, Puerto Banus, will host the event to the highest standard imaginable.

For more information, visit the official website or contact at or fax on +44 1628 770606

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