Gay Tourism in Marbella

gay_couple_MarbellaAs in every other parts of Spain, the resort town Marbella in Costa del Sol is a thriving place for gay and lesbian tourism, but yet to be developed fully in terms of exclusive facilities for the same-sex community. Although there are very few nightlife clubs or bars reserved for gay, the gay culture is there with a more diverse and tolerant environment.

After the end of Franco era, Spain’s gay and lesbian scene has been transferred a lot and the society is now much liberal in accepting homosexuality. The end of dictatorship and the emergence of democracy brought the transgender and the gay community to a respectable point with the approval of a gay culture.

There are many places in and around Marbella, where same-sex couples easily enjoy a relaxing holiday vacation like any other tourists. The town of Marbella has just a couple of gay bars located adjacent to Avenida del Mar; one of these is locally called the taxi bar- offering a quite place for gay couples during their holiday.

Cabopino Playa beach, in the east of Costa Natura – in between Marbella and Fuengirola – can be an option with an easy public bus ride. This beach has reputation of inviting gay men all round the year. This is certainly one of the gay tourist places in the Marbella gay tourism.

Besides, the Library Bar located in Puerto Deportivo – an American style music video and cocktail bar – is crowded with its diverse client with its cosmopolitan character in display. It is a mixed bar with a large gay clientele; some days it is more straight and other days more gay.

Marbella town is no doubt the best place for any kind of tourism but at present there is not much in offer for gay tourists. However, in many other parts of Andalusia you will find a range of gay night spots and restaurants. Most gay or lesbian travellers who come to Marbella prefer to move to Torremolinos- particularly popular among gay crowds.

Torremolinos, situated in Costa del Sol is just five minutes from Malaga and 30 minutes from Marbella. So, it is an easy travel for its lovely gay friendly beaches, restaurants, bars, clubs and shops. The beautiful long stretched golden beaches are popular for accommodating gay community.

There is no more social taboo attached and Spain is now regarded as the most gay-friendly country in the entire Europe. It’s not just tourists but the number of gay Spaniards who made the authority to pass a law in 2005 legalising gay marriages. This is also one of the reasons that more and more foreign gay people prefer to come for a visit or settle for a new lifestyle in Spain.

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