Marbella govt to ban street prostitution

prostitution-in-SpainThere has been much debate on the legalities of prostitution in Spain in the past few years but no substantial regulation has come up against this. However, if local news reports are to be believed, the authority in Marbella, the small Costal del Sol town, is soon to ban sex workers operating from the streets.

The new regulation would prohibit sexual services in the street and in addition it is also intended to indict anyone from performing acrobatics on skateboards and massage service in public without license from the local authority. In fact, locals in Marbella have strong objection on prostitutes plying their trade right on the streets.

Giving a hard look at the whole scenario in Spain, prostitution in Spain is not illegal but running of brothels has been illegal since 1956. The present law only punishes the pimps and brothel owners and moreover, hooking is widespread in local clubs and cafeterias, if not directly.

Over the last few years, the influx of immigrants has led to the growth of prostitution in cities like Madrid, Barcelona and others, where there is significant number of foreign population. Human trafficking has been a major issue as hundreds of women land here in Spain from the East, Brazil, Russia and Romania for work purpose but ended up becoming victims of sexual exploitation.

Unlike Netherlands, where it is completely legal and well regulated, Spain has neither any definite policy legalizing activity involving prostitution nor does the criminal law has any strict provision against pimping. Under such circumstances, in various Costa del Sol towns, it is quite regular to spot young girls, mostly foreigners, enticing their clients.

The culture of Spain, too, has its share in furtherance of such things. Prostitution in Spain is not a social stigma as a survey shows that one in four Spanish men pay for sex. Largely, there is a casual attitude towards prostitution in the country and this is the reason you will see hookers out in broad daylight along the roads.

Marbella and other parts of Costa del Sol have a large tourist base; hence women’s trafficking aside from prostitution is a large and alarming trend. Local police though carry out frequent raids and arrest people involved in anti-trafficking activities; in the absence of a well-defined law, it becomes really hard to punish pimps and traffickers.

The local authority move to criminalize street sex in Marbella is a welcome move, considering the numerous social problems: noise, drunkenness, resident fight with sex workers and pimps etc. However, it is never going to disappear, this is why some even advocating in favour of legalizing prostitution.

The problem in relate to such unregulated sex-trade is massive when one takes into count human-trafficking, sex-slaves, sexual exploitation of children etc. which are organized crime. At the moment, it’s the national law that needs to be evaluated and thereafter the need to bring some comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach to deal with the regulation of sex workers and to prevent human trafficking.

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