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marbella-science-parkTechnology or industrial parks are tools and means provided by any government in promotion of small and medium scale enterprises with an aim to endorse overall growth by attracting foreign investment and creating job opportunities.

Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía (PTA) in Malaga is just an example how the business complex has created job opportunities for many young aspirants since its inception in 1992.

The Extension of the Andalucía Technology Park to Marbella in its mission for economic growth will also contribute largely towards employment generation and creation of a quality workforce. The Park in Malaga in partnership with University of Malaga has developed many cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, it’s the participation of students which has earned it the respectable position among all other Spanish universities.

Not only that but the Park gives opportunity to the university student to engage themselves in a range of development activities with the goal to obtain employment at the end of their study. Malaga University in coordination with multinational companies conduct research and training programmes on various fields such as information technology, telecommunication, biomedical sciences, etc.

Such “human capital” gain programmes aim to build a highly skilled workforce approved and recognised by the technology industry.

Presently, large enterprises based in the Andalucía Technology Park and the University of Malaga together provides high quality R&D environmenta to fresh graduates or diploma holders thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the vibrant workforce.

Hence, a technology park in Marbella means it will further create such advantage for youngsters thereby delivering economic and social benefit to the community. There will be a creation and promotion of a range of new career opportunities, not only for Spaniards but also for foreign students.

The culture of innovation and competitiveness will distinguish Marbella from the global workforce, and the proposed Technology Park in Marbella will have the same potential to bring Andalucía to the forefront.

Technological developments, successful businesses and job creation will add a lot to the Costa del Sol economy with high potential returns.

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