Marbella to create new park in La Campana

The City Council has announced its plan to build a new park in an area of 1,615 square meters in the local village La Campana. For long, it was the demands of residents of the region to bring more development in terms of education, sports and leisure options in Marbella’s Nueva Andalucia district.

As informed by the District Officer Baldomero Leon, the local administration is constantly working on the development of infrastructure to improve the quality of life of citizens in the region. The new park will be located specifically in the corner Calle Miguel de Cervantes and Calle Quevedo, just opposite to the exhibition grounds.

The sole objective was to adopt an abandoned plot and develop a park as an area for relaxation and recreation for the enjoyment of residents of this well populated region. It is also aimed at achieving a high esthetic wealth of new parkland, with quality design applications.

Moreover, it has also been informed that the new park will have a central zone with facilities for several children’s games and different accesses to the adjacent streets that will be adapted for people with disability.

The new park, which has an estimated budget of 386,898.02 euros, will have extensive plantation across the surface of the green zone in order to make the atmosphere more pleasant. Besides, the whole area will be equipped with street furniture and lighting, as well as special attention on the evacuation of rainwater.

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