Marbella Town Hall going high-tech

According to latest reports, the Marbella Town Hall plans to bring a system by which locals will be able to access all kinds of ongoing and prospective development information of the government via online.

The new online service which is now in testing period on the official town hall website – (“beta” version) will provide maps and satellite image of the town, as well as catalogues, servers, various plans, projects and public offerings.

In addition, an integrated computer system that has placed with an estimated cost of 122,000 euros will allow locals to report many operational faults of various departments such as police, public works, electricity etc. People will able to consult any development file, taxes, municipal census, amongst other things.

The primary goal is to have a direct and effective mechanism to reach the people. With this, the City Council will certainly better monitor all kinds of development work without much paperwork, while residents don’t have to move from office to office to report their grievances.

One of the other most important aspects of this new initiative through the virtual office is that people now will be able to report a crime, theft of objects etc. just by filling an online form via the municipal website. Once the report is made, a prompt action can surely be expected.

However for any police case, the person needs to visit the local police station within 72 hours of submitting the online report to ratify the report. This certainly saves time while the action will always be on its way thereby improving the quality of service.

Informing about the new service the First Deputy Mayor, Maria Francisca Garcia Caracuel, said: “In these times when new technologies have become an instrument of direct communication, the Municipal Public Security Delegation have opened a window to information for all citizens of Marbella and San Pedro to experience firsthand operationally and services provided Local Police, Fire and Civil Protection.”

“It is therefore to our Councilor, a great satisfaction the entry into operation of this tool that we intend to strengthen the quality of service we provide as public administration and being a point of proximity to citizens, neighborhood groups, social and all kinds,” she added.

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