Town Hall highlights 10% drop in crime rate

In the latest safety meet chaired by mayor of Marbella, Angeles Munoz, it has been highlighted that the ‘crime rate’ in Marbella has gone down 10% in 2009 compared to the previous year. The Local Security Board (Junta Local de Seguridad) asserted that continuous efforts have been made by the Town Hall to ensure public safety.

The Malaga City Council sub delegate Hilario Lopez has also assured that Marbella is a safe city and the latest data shows that the efficiency of law enforcement bodies is indeed laudable, which enables to increase the number of arrests and offenses clarified.

Town Hall’s effort in dealing all security issues for the improvement of safety and benefits for the public have also included other key projects such as the introduction of video-surveillance system in Puerto Banus, the creation of an office in Extranjeria en Marbella for the issuance of passport and identity card, and National Police headquarter in San Pedro.

Mayor Munoz also met the leadership of the National Police and Civil Guard and discussed the importance of city’s security. It is also informed that San Pedro will have an office of the National Police and for whose implementation the City Council and the Ministry of Interior gave a municipally owned building. Besides, an immigration office will be opened in the neighbourhood of Plaza de Toros.

In relation to these projects, Angeles Munoz has said that the City Council will support initiatives that will provide full cooperation but acknowledged the difficulty of carrying out such projects, notably the extension of the police station in San Pedro, because “the economic situation also affects the investments of the Central Government.

Regarding the implementation of video surveillance system in Puerto Banus, the mayor confirmed that both the provincial government and the Town Hall will work jointly to make this happen. Meanwhile, delegation and City Hall will increase the police presence in the area ahead of next Easter and the summer.

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