‘Marbella’s trip to NYC was a successful one’

Laura Stanbridge, the Group Managing Director of CCG, in an e-mail release highlighted the constant effort of many in taking Marbella to NYC, when on March 24th Marbella Mayor Angeles Munoz rang the closing bell at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange Headquarters.

This certainly holds significance in the promotion of tourism and investment in the region, and as an immediate effect, Delta Airlines will commence direct flights in May between JFK and the local airport in Malaga, Spain.

“We met with NYC & Co, the promotional arm of New York City; the CEO of the NYC Chamber of Commerce; other business leaders, and media outlets such as the WSJ, The New York Times, and leading travel publications. Over the next few months we look forward to seeing the results of these meetings,” said Laura.

“I am very thankful for the contributions from many of my friends in the US for helping by introducing me to their contacts and provide suggestions to our itinerary. Furthermore, I hope the success of this trip proves that members of the foreign community can make a valuable contribution to our city.”

“The trip to New York was so successful; there may be plans to promote economic development and tourism for Marbella in other regions…,” she added further.

The highlight of the recent trip was the closing of NASDAQ. You can view the photos from the event:
http://www.nasdaq.com/marketsite/marketsite-events-detail.aspx?fn=201003-close03242010.txt) and the video (http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=108520502500243&ref=ss).

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