Monda Castle: A Legacy from the Past

Standing majestically above the white village of Monda, The Castle (el Castillo de Monda) has witnessed centuries of history. The town of Monda dates from before Roman times and has seen the passing of not only the Romans but also the Phoenicians and Moors.

According to many historians, the town was the site of the battle of “Munda” on 17th March, 45 BC. The battle was between the armies of Julius Caesar and the son of Pompey, Gnaeus. Caesar’s victory over the Pompeian army is certainly a significant chapter in the history of Roman Empire in southern Spain.

As far as the Castle is concerned, it has witnessed many military campaigns between sultans of Moor dynasty and Catholic Kings. With the course of time it was rebuilt and fortified many times, and by 13th century Monda had emerged as an important power point for military confrontation.

By the second half of 15th century Monda was brought under the jurisdiction of Malaga by the catholic ruler. And in 1508 King Fernando granted the “senorío” of Tolox and Monda to the Marquis of Villena and Duke of Escallona, Diego López Pacheco.

However, the later history talks about many uprising by Muslim population of the region which resulted with an order for them to convert to Christianity. On 19th March, 1570, the remaining Moorish population of Andalusia were expelled while the then ruler replaced them with 80 Christians, who constitute the village of Monda.

Then long after the village came into existence, in 20th century, in 1996 the Castle was converted into a luxurious Hotel El Castillo de Monda. Considered as one of the beautiful hotel on the Costa del Sol with magnificent natural surrounding that cover from the Valley of Guadalhorce to Bahia de Malaga and also including Sierra Nevada, the hotel, too, conserves the splendid heritage of the place.

A stay at the Monda Castle Hotel

Despite its reconstruction by Roman rulers, you will still find elements of Arabic architecture. The Hotel Castillo de Monda is actually built on towers and walls of the fortress. Although you will now find modern day luxury at every nook and corner of the Castle hotel, yet those walls transport us to the magic of the past.

The Castillo, with its privileged position both from the sea and the mountains, offers magnificent views from each of the 27 classical style bedrooms ornamented with wooden beams and antique feetings. Moreover, the Andalusian tiles and terracotta floors truly compliment its past.

Hotel Castillo de Monda, going by the historic prospects of the Castle, offers its visitors all modern amenities, while retaining the old charm to create an atmosphere in tranquillity and elegance. There is Jacuzzi, sauna, restaurant, bar, library, amid other basic services; a stay at the Hotel or a visit to the Castle is just worthwhile.

Away from the hustle and bustle of Marbella (just 15 minutes away), if one wants a nice holiday The Castle is certainly one of the preferred in the list. Upon travelling to the Castle you will see picturesque town of Monda and on the outskirts, the Natural Park and Reserve of “Sierra de las Nieves”, alongside wonderful scenic landscape between the sea and the mountains.

Those who want to refine their gastronomic senses; the Al-Bacar Restaurant presents some of the finest dishes of Andalusian, Mediterranean and Arabian origin in an exquisite a-la-carte menu along with best Spanish wines while you enjoy panoramic views of the Valley.

In addition, a visit to the Monda Castle also offers numerous sports and adventure activities while the natural landscape ensures your wellbeing. You can horse ride, hike or mountain bike through the countryside, visit some of the deepest abysses of the world. Indisputably, the Monda Castle is situated in such an exceptional location, where all your senses are challenged.

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