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nightlife-marbellaLiving up to its reputation as one of the key tourist spots in Costa del Sol, the Spanish coastal resort Marbella is always on the highlights of glittering nightlife. Whether it is the Old Town or Puerto Banus, you will find a plethora of options to experience your night out in pubs, discos, clubs, and even at Marbella’s very own Casino.

Nightlife in Marbella is full of entertainment and there is lot to enjoy here from listening to nice music to trying out some delicious dishes. Discos, pubs and music bars are youthful and relaxed where you have the option of spending a whole night dancing while drinking some of the best Spanish beverages. For visitors who come to this resort town, there is no dearth of bars and clubs.

If you are looking for a buzzing nightlife in those lively parties, Puerto Banus is the best place to go for. And for young couple or the youth brigade, there are a number of small clubs in the Old Town to meet up and enjoy fabulous entertainment. But for those who like loud music in a chic and elegant atmosphere, clubs in Banus are great selections which can engage you in partying from dusk till dawn.

Here is a brief guide to some of the most-visited bars, discos and clubs in Marbella.

Olivia Valere: This elegantly structured night club disco is located near the Marbella Mosque. With a vast dance floor, bars and restaurant together delivers a luxurious and opulent atmosphere. Of course, its graceful surrounding and sophistication in service are key attractions to draw celebrities and socialite. It remains packed from June to September.

Suite: The restaurant and lounge, situated in Puente Romano Hotel, offers great dining, going by the reputation of the hotel. Guests have a choice of typical Andalusian cuisine as well as specialities of Moroccan, Oriental and Sushi dishes. Besides, Suite also brings some renowned artists from all over the world for music and entertainment that creates an ecstatic atmosphere. It is open in winters (September to May) from Thursday to Saturday 9 pm till 4am.

Suite del Mar: With a restful and fashionable ambiance, it is an excellent beachside venue welcoming young people to enjoy cocktail and its special serve- the lunch and dinner. The restaurant is in fact a part of Puente Romano Hotel and only opens during summer. You will truly enjoy a pleasing dinner amid a pulsating music and groovy crowd.

Plato 68: This huge club Plato 68 Discoteca Estepona is a new but luxury addition to Marbella’s nightlife. Established in a two floor set up, the club is emerging as the preferred destination for Spanish youth. The atmosphere is cool and graceful where the DJ plays mainly contemporary music.

News Cafe: Another most happening and trendiest place to spend your night away is the News Cafe in Puerto Banus. Even if it’s not that big in size, you can still book a table in advance for a pleasant dine and drinking while enjoying the views of the port. Note that booking a table in such a liveliest tone might turn out to be a bit expensive with the featured drink menu.

Icon: If you are near Marbella city centre, this one is the place to try for. The club that opens in the evening 6 pm continues its service till dawn with a variety of mouth-watering dishes, especially a fusion of Japanese and Latin style along with some relaxing cocktails.

La Notte: When it comes to elegance, expensiveness and entertainment, this stands atop in Marbella city centre. Over the years, it has fashioned its glitzy and glamour image with a long list of celebrity clientele. The club literally opens up in the approaching hours of midnight, and presents you the best of services and elements of enjoyment to spend a night. Please keep in mind that the club has a dress code for its customer: women in elegant dresses and men in tailored suits.

Casino Nueva Andalucia: Located in Puerto Banus, the Casino is another energetic spot to enjoy the nightlife of Marbella. Lighted with live shows during summer, the casino is open from Monday to Thursday 8 pm to 4 pm and Friday and Saturday 8pm to 5 pm. Roulette, blackjack and poker, plus a bar in are some of its highlights.

Apart from the above mentioned venues, there are many other late night haunts to suit everyone’s needs. Just check out if there is any near your hotel, lodge or resident in Marbella. You can even go to Marbella’s most exclusive club at the Nikki Beach, fixed in a lavish set up while demanding a price of its own (Yes, it is fairly expensive).

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