Ogee Magazine No.12 – Interior Design Marbella

imageThis edition of Ogee Magazine is a hymn to the goddess HEBA and our pages are packed full of suggestions as how best to enjoy this most beautiful season of the year: we will stroll through that UNESCO World Heritage jewel, the Gardens of Aranjuez and discuss the orchid, the fragile and beautiful queen of flowers that is widely acknowledged as the epitome of any truly sophisticated environment.

This year’s most popular colour, according to Pantone, is marsala, a tone that will characterise 2015’s decor.

The architecture section presents the finalists of the Mies Awards 2015, which will be be held in May, while the architect

examines the relationship between eco sustainability and luxurious private homes.

We also introduce the latest exclusive model from Rolls Royce, a marque based on aesthetics and quality.

Khalil Gibran once wrote: “In the heart of every winter lives a beating spring. And when the heart of winter starts to open, spring is looming and its beat becomes stronger until reborn nature starts to flourish under the radiant Sun.”

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