Poligono Gallery Marbella

Opened in 2009, the Poligono Gallery in Marbella is a multifunctional creative art corner specializing in Asian contemporary art. The gallery founders: Maite Coloma and Sophie Gravier decided to open this art space in emulation to Beijing’s famous 798 Art Zone, an old factory site, which was the centre of Chinese avant-garde movement.

The gallery in Marbella now not only holds a number of art consulting projects but also hosts all kinds of exhibitions and international artistic shows. With special emphasis on Chinese contemporary art, the galley also houses photographic works, revisiting some unseen parts of China away from the industrially developed half.

Presently, Poligono Gallery’s featured visual artists include Mustafa Hulusi, Rao Songqing, Liu Baomin, Wen Fang, Liu Ye, Sheng Qi, Hong Hao, Guo Hongwei, Gao Ping, Huang Yan, Hu Youben and Chen Jiagang. This apart, the Gallery also provides art consulting service to individuals and institutions, while art sourcing and managing private and corporate art collections.

Located in the Estate La Ermita of Marbella, the Gallery is not only the finest place in Marbella to accommodate new trends in contemporary art, but also to serve as a tool for cultural exchange.

For more information, visit www.poligonogallery.com or contact the management on the address details given below.

Poligono Industrial la Ermita
C/ Madera, 9 29603 Marbella
Malaga, Spain
Tel. +34 615 381 119


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