Ray Boarding in Marbella

The luxurious Costa del Sol resort town Marbella not only offers some of the finest beaches and a glittering nightlife, it has also its liveliness intact with a variety of tourist and leisure activities that includes water sports, like the one of Ray Boarding.

This extreme activity of ray boarding in Marbella has been quite popular among water sport enthusiasts. You will find yourself experiencing a different kind of snorkelling while flying smoothly through the underwater world.

Explore underwater through Ray Boarding in Marbella

Pulled by a rope from the motor boat, you only need to tilt the Ray-Board slightly to plunge underwater and soon you will learn to “fly” wide curves to take advantage of the full mobility of the Ray-Board.

With a feeling of weightlessness you will make your turns, perfect your twists, and refine your direction of travelling. Ray boarding in Marbella gives you the freedom to explore the Mediterranean coast with an absolutely new kind of experience.

Ray boarding in Marbella has its own attraction, excitement and undoubtedly,   the fascinating new board sport will have you firm in its grip which is not easily forgotten!

More info on Ray Boarding in Marbella

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