Relish the Delicacy of Spanish Christmas Pastries

PastriesIn Spain, Christmas is the largest celebration of the year with the entire region unfolding to numerous festive activities and delectable dishes.

In Andalusia, too, the native scene comes alive with many traditional Spanish favourites of the season.

During Christmas you can find a wide range of classic and traditional Spanish desserts in “pastelerias” or pastry shops.

Then you will find some kind of local specialities or slight change in flavour from town to town, each having levels with the name of the maker.

Types of Spanish Pastries

There are primarily, two types of pastries: those with a short bread kind and other prepared with marzipan or almond paste and egg whites. Handmade Spanish pastries and cakes made in Spanish convents are result of careful preparations with traditional methods.

The use of almonds, honey and eggs is, in fact, the legacy of Arab presence in this part of the world. However, over the years, locals have merged Spanish traditional ingredients to make new and original dishes.

For example, the use of pork lard instead of butter in those shortbread style cookies and pastries is something different and people use it freely as it is much healthier.

Most of available shortbread varieties mantecados, alfajores, polvorones, nevaditos and roscos are made of flour, sugar and fat as traditional versions while the flavoured versions are of lemon, cinnamon, chocolate or anis. Besides, there are some other varieties like the pastries made with egg yolk or “yema de huevo”.

Roscos Navidenos – Christmas Pastries

The pastries “Roscos Navidenos” is one of those items popular around Christmas time. The recipe for this traditional holiday treat is very much unique and flavoursome in comparison to any other pastries found in the region.

This is the most preferred among Andalusian pastries which is flavoured with anise seeds. The ingredients usually include: olive oil, lemon or orange juice, white wine, anise seeds, white flour, honey, sugar, cinnamon, baking powder and canola oil for frying.

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