Spain and Tennis

Tennis-SpainSpain is a complex country full of many wonderful surprises. Spaniards have a zest for life that cannot be matched, taking advantage of all that Spain has to offer.

Everything from ‘fiestas’ to sports is done with passion and pride. Spain has always been a major world contender in all areas of sports and this definitely holds true for tennis. The ideal climate in Spain is what makes the sport of tennis so accessible and appealing to many athletes.

There are fantastic sports facilities throughout Spain both public and private. There are at least 1,100 tennis clubs located throughout Spain, half of which have quite expensive memberships and the others that are open to the public for more reasonable rates. Parks, hotels, housing complexes and “polideportivos” (recreational/municipal sports facilities) also have tennis courts that are available at hourly rates.

Most public tennis courts offer tennis lessons for all levels and age groups. The cost of a tennis class obviously varies, but averages from between 20 to 30 euros, for a one-hour private class, and can be as low as just 6 euros if you enroll in a group session.

Talented young athletes are encouraged to pursue careers in tennis and many have gone on to win internationally renowned tennis tournaments. Spain offers an excellent level of instruction and tournaments, making tennis one of the most popular sports throughout the country.

To play tournaments in Spain, one must have a license from the Spanish Tennis Federation, which can be obtained at any Territorial Federation. There are many tennis camps located throughout Spain with professional trainers that attract leading tennis competitors from around the world to come and train.

What sets Spain apart from the rest of the world is that the preferred surface for playing tennis is the red clay courts while the majority of the world plays and trains on hard court. This gives Spanish players an extreme advantage and edge at tournaments such as the French Open which is played on clay courts.

Within the last decade Spain has produced an incredibly talented group of tennis superstars known as the “Spanish Armada” which have taken the tennis world by storm. Tennis superstars Rafael Nadal, Juan Carlos Ferrero and Carlos Moya are among the current elite players worldwide.

Paddle tennis courts are also popular and can be readily found throughout Spain. Courts are equally impressive and numerous throughout Spain. Though the prestige may not be on the same playing field as tennis, many enjoy this sport and even take it to competitive levels.

Tennis continues to thrive in Spain and the rest of the world had better beware of new additions to the “Spanish Armada”!

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