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3Marbella is becoming a very popular destination for groups activities, incentives and team building corporate events. It’s due to the important offer in hotel accommodation (also offering conference facilities) and the amazing weather conditions that allow the group to enjoy many outdoor activities after the meeting/conference.

One very popular activity is called the Mini Olympic beach Games, and it takes place on the beaches of Marbella, Andalucia. These beach olympic games are ideal team building activities for company staff groups from 10 pax to 200 pax. The games are secure, challenging, fun and very well priced !

They can also be followed by some catering during or after the games (beers, wine, snacks, bubbly, soft drinks, etc). As an option, we could also have the event filmed by professionals and hand over one DVD per person (up to 350dvd burned per hour).

How does it work ?
We will devide the entire group into differents teams, depending the numbers of people. The teams will compete (in a nice way) against each other in order to win as much activities as possible.
Once completed the competition, we will do a classification and organize the prizes, just like in real olympic games.

The company have more than twenty games ready for your group: beachvolley, soccer beach, petanque, sack race, kayak race, badminton, etc. If the weather allows it, you can decide to mix the games with water sports, so you will will have some time for fun and some time for sports. Our services are “à la carte”, so just contact us with your requirements and we’ll make it happen.

The Possible games are :
– Volleyball : 4 to 6 players per team, direct points, some 10 ro 15 minutes per game (direct points)
– Pails and sponges : skillfull run where players need to fill in a pail with water carried “in” a sponge
– Blind pails : 2 participants of each team will be laid down on the floor, blind-folded and a large pail will be placed on their stomach. Another 2 players from the same team will be blindfolded and given a small pail. These 2 last participants will be guided by 2 of their team-mates to the sea. Objective is to fill-in the large pail, obviously.
– Stick 7 : members are lined-up and will, one at a time, run and go around a stick 7 times before coming back. Imagine the rest.
– Beach football
– Jumping balls race : The teams will have to race each other sat on large bouncy balls. 3 players from each eam / Relay.
– Sack race
– Beach hockey
– Walking platforms : just like big ski (wooden planks) team racing
– Tug of war : traditional rope game
– Ultimate :10 Minutes team frisbee fame
– Archery
– Beach basketball
– Handball
– Sea Kayak race
– Pedalboat race
– Swimming contest
– etc

They can couple these beach games with exciting WATERSPORTS activities, like jetskis, pedalboats, banana boat rides, kayaks and parasailing !

For more information about Team Building in Marbella please contact:

Rob magits
Phone: 34695855262



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