Junta de Andalucia Announces Technology Park in Marbella

technology-park-marbellaThe autonomous government Junta de Andalucía on Thursday (October 15) declared the establishment of a brand new Technology Park in San Pedro, Marbella. During the Costa del Sol business awards ceremony, the announcement was made with high hope that the park would attract more inward investment and international people to live in the region full time.

As per the plan, it would be on the same model as of the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía (PTA) or the Andalucía Technology Park, Malaga. The proposed innovative park in Marbella will certainly have significant impact on the Costa del Sol economy by opening up new business activities for those large number of expats living in the area.

The Junta de Andalucía is also excited to explore and exploit the vast wealth of business knowledge of the already established business communities in Marbella and surrounding areas. Tourism, along with the growing number of people moving to southern Spain for a better lifestyle under the sun has already amassed one of the most diverse populations in the whole of Europe.

According to the official figure of the Municipality of Mijas, the current population of the province comprises of about 43% of foreigners with Spanish residence. In fact, it is above the half way mark and the expat community certainly has significant contribution in the overall growth of the Andalucían economy. Hence, a technology park will work as a catalyst in moving the economy further.

Earlier in the month, Marbella Mayor Ángeles Muñoz had held a meeting with the current director of PTA to discuss the possibility of expansion. There was also talk on the financial aspects; the Park would be set up under a public-private agreement with the participation of Marbella Town Hall, landowners and the regional authority.

One of the vital aspects of the whole development and initiative for a new technology park in Marbella is to stimulate business activity by integrating ideas and investment of foreign residents in particular. Just like the earlier one, the Tech Park will avail technical infrastructure, science and research facilities to existing business houses to expand their activities and with special emphasizes on small and medium scale firms.

The Marbella Technology Park will definitely create preferential conditions for businesses thereby attracting investors, creating jobs and moreover promoting technological innovation, scientific research and development works. Hence, away from the tourism industry, there will be much more economic actions to dominate Marbella and Costa del Sol.

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