The Great Telefonica ADSL Ripoff

jazztelDuring these tough times I have been looking at every single aspects of my life trying to find places to save money.

I have or should I say “I was” with telefonica adsl for over 8 years until I “saw the light”.

For nearly 7 years I have been paying €150 per month for a “professional adsl line”. Its not clear what this “professioanl line” entails exactly but its nearly 10 times more expensive than “competitors” adsl lines.

Recently I switched to Jazztel 20MB line for €29.99 per month WITH FREE CALLS local and National, a saving of over €120. (I also pay an extra €9.00 for a fixed ip which has not had any problems at all).

So I am now saving over €1400 per year. Tadaaa!!!

Since going with Jazztel, I have had NO problems at all so my conclusion as a consumer is that Telefonica is just ripping everyone off with their high prices.

The ordering was very smooth and took one phone call to my tech friend Joey from Tanuki Data basically who took care of everything for me and with a few days of ordering I received the router, by courier, plus easy to read instructions (in spanish but it pretty easy to follow) on how to configure the router and get connected.

If you would like to speak to Joey, then drop him a call on 646 353 935 and he can point you in the right direction.  (tell him Craig sent you!)

Important: Joey IS NOT a Jazztel rep and is not on commission with Jazztel so if he charges a small fee to get you sorted….DONT COMPLAIN JUST PAY THE MAN, you are going to be saving alot of money in the long run.

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