Traditional Spanish Cookies

Christmas or any festive season in Spain is all full of celebration with decoration, events, and an absolute gastronomic explosion. Traditional Spanish Cookies are very common and one can easily find all kinds of regional treats on the local cookies and pastry shops.

In the pastry shops across Spain there are many varieties of cookies like: ‘Palmeritas’ palm shaped cookies, ‘Mantecados’ Olive Oil Crumble Cookies, ‘Tortas de Aceite’ olive oil crisps from Sevilla, ‘Torta de Santiago’ almond cake and more.

In Andalusia food tradition, it’s not all about choosing a particular kind of food, but any food item on the shop goes well with the traditional methods of preparation which keeps intact the nutritional value of the food.

As we can’t put all those traditional Spanish cookies available in the market, here are few must-try Spanish cookies, a fine selection of gourmet cookies and traditional favorites for all of you to try.

Spanish Cookies during Christmas

Mantecados Christmas, a sweet and crumble cookies have been produced in Spain for centuries. Prepared in the most traditional way, combining flour, cinnamon, sugar, Iberico shortening, and not much less, the product is just of the finest taste – a sweet, crumbly treat.

During Christmas, the most common one is the polvoron, or powder cake. These literally crumble in your mouth, and the slightly crunchy treat with finest ingredients makes it a true taste of traditional Spain.

Almond Spanish Cookies

Very mostly prepared when Christmas is around, a variety of almond-shortening cakes and cookies are available in all cookies shops in and around Marbella. These finely ground almond crumble cookies are softer and more crumbly mixture of flour and fat than other polvorones.

Roscos Finos are almond ring cookies, also popular around Christmas time, and the recipe for this Spanish traditional holiday retreat includes a touch of wine and cinnamon with other usual ingredients such as flour and sugar. You can find those, in individually hand-wrapped in every Spanish cookies shop.

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