Trip to the Caves of Nerja

The Caves of Nerja (Cueva de Nerja) are nature’s display of art at its best of form. Located just 35 minutes from Malaga, these caves are situated on the lap of scenic surroundings of Mediterranean villages, in the Andalusia region of southern Spain.

Just a few kilometres from the town of Nerja, these beautiful caverns are now of great tourist interest that is very well observed with the rapid development of mass tourism infrastructure along the coast. Dating back to some five million years ago, these caves of Nerja were first discovered in 1959 and a year later a portion of the total area was opened to public.

As one of the most important prehistoric archaeological sites along the western Mediterranean, historians find this an interesting place of study on earliest human civilisation. Many wall paintings found inside the caves are of Palaeolithic and post-Palaeolithic period, and the skeleton remains (one placed at the entrance) are facts of human inhabitation from about 25,000 BC up until the Bronze Age.

Nerja Cave – An underground trail

As rightly said, this natural theatre gives you a wonderful opportunity to view almost all kinds of natural formation in that 4,283 metre long trail under the earth. But tourists can visit only a third of the total area; the rest has been protected as Spanish Heritage Monument (Monumento Historico Artistico).

The Low Galleries, or Show Cave, allows visitors to get in easily due to its width and great height of the chambers. Through concrete pathways and flight of stairs, you can move inside the cavern without any such difficulty. The Upper Gallery discovered in 1960 and the New Gallery later in 1969 are not open for public entry.

A guided tour inside the accessible areas of the Nerja caves is approximately of 45 minutes. You will pass through different halls with narrow passages and numerous columns from floor to ceilings. A visit to the Nerja caves is further facilitated with the presence of restaurant, bar, cafeteria, a museum or interpretation centre and a large car park.

Opening hours of Nerja Caves

Entry inside the caves is closed during 1st January and 15th May. From 15th June to 15th Sep, they are open from Monday to Saturday (10am to 7pm), while during 16th Sep to 14th June- the tourists hours are: from 12am to 2pm and 4 pm to 6.30pm.

Getting to Nerja from Marbella

The coastal belt is well-connected with a good road network and excellent transport facilities including bus and taxis. Nerja is just about 120km from Marbella town that takes nearly 1 hour and 20 minutes; the bus and taxi take different routes.  These fascinating caves are located near the village Maro- some three kilometres from the town centre.

Check for the Marbella to Nerja route map

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