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Marbella-VillasThere are a range of accommodation options and selection of holiday homes for rent available in Marbella, located in the province of Malaga. Most of travellers prefer cottages, apartments, villas and rural country houses for a holiday package to this coastal resort. However, the sumptuously established villas in the Old Town and other areas of Costa del Sol offer a charm of its own – ensuring a great holiday experience in this part of world.

Many privately owned luxury villas are available for holiday and vacation rental, and some of them are even placed next to any golf course or attractive sandy beach, making it a quite comfortable stay amidst a host of world-class facilities and services. Marbella boasts a wide selection of rental villas of which some are located in the coastal town, those provide a good option of sightseeing and travel around.

Right from the design and location to the facilities inside, a villa in Marbella is nothing but well-appointed apartment built with an ancient or medieval feeling while equipped with all modern urban amenities for a relaxing holiday. The weather of this coastal resort, i.e. mild and pleasant, further makes it the right place to find some of the best villas, where neither summer nor winter is harsh enough to drive away the inbound tourists.

In fact, all year long, villas in Marbella attracts holidaymakers for its ample accommodation multiple bedrooms, Jacuzzi, bars, restaurants, and everything that is essential for a luxury living. Why live in a five star hotel or an expensive apartment when you have the option of living in a marvellous villa which guarantees an ideal holiday retreat? These days, the affluent tourists also like to rent stunning villas as those comprise marvellous tourist spots in their vicinity.

Almost all villas in Marbella offer easy access to some exotic beaches or golf courses which are two of the prime attractions of Marbella. A beachside villa in Marbella offers great sea views from its outside terraces, and keeps its guests or tenants busy in a range of recreational activities such as pool, billiard and various other indoor sports facilities for entertainment.

In some villas, you will find separate outdoor pools for children and adult; the gardens and areas around pool are nice places for chilling out and relaxing while enjoying a choice of room amenities and appliances. However, the best part of villas in Marbella or Costa del Sol is its places of interest within the region. A short walk from most of the villas can either guide you to some of Marbella’s historic monuments, local markets, and traditional eateries or to a coastal village where you can sense a true Andalucían lifestyle.

If you desire to stay in one of the most luxurious Marbella villas, during a family or group vacation, all authentic information can be obtained from a dedicated website where you can even book your stay in one for the highest level of comfort. Now, villas in Costa del Sol play an important part in the tourism industry of Spain and considering the business prospect; it too holds a sizeable fraction in Spanish property market.

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