Virtual Office Services from Marbella Local Police

Using the advantage of new technologies, especially the popularity of internet and web as one of the major communication mediums, the Polica Local de Marbella has set up a Virtual Office (Oficina Virtual) to bring their services to the citizens at ease.

As informed in the official website of Marbella Town Hall, there are three different forms to report various cases such as: complaints for loss or theft of documents, notice of abandoned vehicles, and inquiries about the lost items.

By visiting the official webpage, you need to complete the form and the complaint will be available for signing at any of the local police units starting at 10:00 am following the completion of it. And as soon as you ratify the complaints at any of the local police units: Marbella headquarter or offices at San Pedro, you will be attended immediately.

It is the Command and Control Room (Sala de Mando y Control) which guides the Local Police in Marbella by making a database of criminals, crime, and various other incidents which are frequently reported both by emergency telephone numbers 092 or 112, and through the new online reporting system.

To acquire legal validity of the complaint, it’s necessary to sign the copy on the premises of the local police within 72 hours of completing and submitting the form online.

Moreover, misuse of this system by pretending to be a victim of a criminal or non-existent reporting a fact causing criminal proceedings could result in criminal liability.

For the loss of object or vehicle, it’s been asked to provide a description of the items lost. You can also track the status of your complaint and respective administrative proceedings if you have specified some means of contact: phone or e-mail.

The use of this service is only valid for lodging complaints within specified local police stations. Overall, this is certainly a huge help to people in Marbella to ask for police assistance from any place without waiting in queues.

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