Vodafone Spain Wap Settings

Just in case there are any vodafone customers here in Spain using iphone or ipad with 3g, the following settings will allow you access to the vodafone gprs/3g network. (of course you have to be a customer of vodafone to use them otherwise they wont work DOH!)

If you have an iphone, then these would be your 3G settings:
APN: airtelnet.es
Username: wapwap
Password: wap

If you have an ipad, then these would be your 3G settings:

APN: ac.vodafone.es
Username: vodafone
Password: vodafone

If you have a dongle, then these would be your 3G settings:
APN: ac.vodafone.es
Dialled Number: *99#

These login details are unique to each type of sim card, the ipad takes a micro sim card which uses different login credentials than a regular sim card, so if you are using an ipad and have cut down a normal sim card to the size of the micro sim card and popped it into the ipad micro sim card tray, then you would use the airtelnet.es apn details.

Below is a picture of the difference between micro sim card and normal sim card sizes.

As you can see the smaller micro sim card is less than half the size of the regular sim card so trying to use your normal sim card in ipad or ipad sim card in an iphone wont work.

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