Aerobatic flights in Andalucia

Aerobatic flight is increasingly becoming a must do activity for all adventure enthusiasts. The Andalucia region of Southern Spain offers exciting opportunity to join a few hours training followed by the thrill of aerobatic flying.

During your holidays in Andalucía, you can join an aerobatic flying training session and learn those high speed and intense aerobatics manoeuvres with twists and turns.

With looping, rolls and spins you will indeed feel like a bird in the sky. Anyone over 18 years old are allowed to join this high emotion package of aerobatic flights which includes:

– Take off for a 30 minute acrobatic flight with a qualified and experienced Acro instructor.

– During 30 minutes you could feel like any aerobatic pilot and understand practising this sport.

Upgrade to Acrobatic flight

It gives you the choice to pilot the plane after learning techniques from an experienced pilot. With one hour theory course and 45 minutes flight, you can practice yourself and cherish a great aerobatic flying experience.

Learn Aerobatic flights in Andalucia

Experience Box Spain has teamed up with experienced flight school in Southern Spain to offer you enjoy this spectacular sport. For more information on aerobatic flights and aerobatic flying holidays in Andalucía, please click here.

Experience the thrill of aerobatic flights in Andalucia

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