Ascari Race Track in Ronda

The Ascari Race Track or Ascari Race resort, located in the majestic medieval town of Ronda, is the longest (5,425 m) one that also considered as one of the luxury race resorts in Spain.

Located in the unparalleled natural beauty of Spanish mountain town Ronda, in the Malaga province of southern Spain, Ascari motor racing track is first of its kind in the southern Spain.

For those who are having a liking for this adrenaline pumping sport, it is indeed one attraction in Ronda.

Ascari race resort is a unique addition to the historical Ronda, which holds much travel interest because of its historic monuments, and of course the scenic surroundings. Now with one of top class race track, the city has another addition to the list of travel activities.

Its extravagance is very much evident with the fact that Ascari Race Resort is well-designed and well-equipped with all modern racing facilities and leisure; you can expect the highest level of services and quality available to event customers and club members.

Activities at Ascari Race Resort

A racing day at Ascari is a wonderful experience for all adrenaline seekers while holidaymakers can just enjoy regular racing events. Other than those top gear racing sets, it is also the place for family day out and corporate promotional events.

While professionals and amateur racers can have their track day in company with world class racers, taking tips and driving alongside with the best of racing machine; visitors, too, have a chance of co-piloting in the racing super car at Ascari.

Several racing cars: Le Mans Race Car (LMP 900) two-seater, Radical SR3, Reynard Chrysler single seaters, Lotus Elise race cars, and BMW 3 Compact, among others are available to its list of racing cars.

Ever since its foundation, Ascari race resort has also been involved in designing and manufacturing its own road cars, which have also been used for competitive sport.

Ascari Race Track in Ronda

Besides, the Ascari race club gives you unique access to several modern F1 cars. But for this, you need to be a registered member of the club with an annual fee. During club days, you will have unlimited use of the already established facilities.

Other Services at Ascari

Other than numerous racing events which includes: driving programmes, race driver day, track and unfiled challenge, the race resort provides a long list of service such as onboard camera, photographer, helicopter service, transfers, and mechanic service, among others.

If you are really interested and passionate about motor racing, this is undoubtedly the place for you to enjoy your day and have an experience like never before.

For more information on the Ascari race track or to book a circuit, please visit the official website:

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