Capoeira Festival

The International Capoeira Festival in Spain attracts athletes from various parts of Europe to showcase their talent in this unique sporting activity that incorporates dance, music and elements of martial arts.

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form with a historic reference dating back to 400 years ago. Historians put this as a descendant of African fighting style, or a combative art, which was influenced by Brazilian dance forms.

However, amid varied interpretation, its origin is still an ongoing debate whether it’s only a form of old martial art or a pure Brazilian folk dance with ancient African techniques. Nevertheless, this has been taken up as a unique sporting activity and part of popular culture.

In the wake of other sports and art forms this has been a challenge for old capoeria artists to preserve much of the traditional style of this art. And now, there are many capoeira schools in Spain and other European countries which give a chance to individuals who want to learn this combative tradition.

The international capoeira festival in Spain has been a major summer event with deep local and international interest, ever since it first staged in 2007. Artists from across the world join this event to be a part of some intense activities; not only to demonstrate their flair in this art but also to promote this art.

Moreover, as this particular art involves acrobatics, kicking, striking, takedowns, leg sweeps, among other athletic moves and stunts, the 2010 Marbella Capoeira Festival brings lots of entertainment to Costa del Sol while bringing enthusiasm among young crowds to be a part of this international event.

The annual festival features parades, street shows, regional capoeira class and acrobatics, master courses, promotional events, lectures on art, and many other entertaining activities to catch the interest of audience while spreading the root values of this art form. Renowned teachers in the world of capoeira also contribute their part in promoting the art with their presence during the event.

Certainly, it is art, fight, dance and sport, which is made for everyone: women, men and children. While practicing this, the rhythmic movements of body improve physical strength and control the mind guiding you to stay young and healthy.

Moreover, this is also a therapy for those who want to stay fit in their day to day life. Marbella Capoeira Festival also works in that direction by bringing this to the notice of its young population to include sports in their daily life.

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