City Treasure Hunt in Granada

Treasure hunt activities are ideal for outdoor fun as a general recreation holiday experience, but in a more dynamic and instructive way. City treasure hunt in Granada is also an exciting way to explore the city on your own.

This walking fun treasure hunt scenario invites you to walk and trek to different parts of the city while visiting the marked objects on the map given.

What to do in a treasure hunt

Away from your base hotel or resident, this treasure hunt scenario in the centre of Granada needs a minimum of two teams with two players each. Teams have to follow a picture trail of clues and unravel cryptic clues.

In this particular package, all teams have 1.5 hours to spot the images, and the team with the most number of points at the end of the treasure hunt wins the prize.

This really is a great, fun and visually informative way to visit the city of Granada! As it’s an excellent team building activity, preferred by corporate clients, you may contact the organiser for larger groups.

Nevertheless, even if you are in Granada for a weeklong holiday with your spouse or family, treasure hunt creates a perfect holiday outing. Hence, treasure hunt activity in Granada is like a guided walking tour.

This activity is available all year round. If you want to know more about the nature of this unique activity, please contact Experience Box Spain here.

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