Culinary star Dani Garcia, now the face of Marbella

Dani García, the culinary star of Southern Spain, has been appointed as the Ambassador of Marbella. Last week, Mayoress Ángeles Muñoz gave him the honour in the presence of various other government dignitaries, representatives of different tourist groups and business persons of the municipality.

Munoz noted that with this recognition, Dani Garcia is committed to promote internationally the values of authenticity and excellence of the city. She also highlighted the professional and human qualities of Garcia and said, “He has always been a great ambassador of Marbella with his relationship with the city and the magnificent work that has developed in the culinary field.”

The mayoress also placed emphasizes on “entrepreneurship and innovative talent” that has proven with Garcia’s creation of restaurants like Calima and the most recent one Andalucía Tapa Franchise: La Moraga. Gracia’s Gastrobar is just a culmination of “simplicity, intelligence and creativity” that represents his personality.

An emotional Dani Garcia, too, thanked the recognition of the City Council and assured that “my sole intention has been to be a cook and do my job.” Also said that he was “very proud” to be in Marbella and explained “I have always borne the name of the city on all sides and I will continue doing it.”

A short Bio

Dani Garcia, born in Marbella 1975, studied in the Malaga School of Hostelry, “La Cónsula” and in 1996 carried out an apprenticeship in the restaurant of Martín Berasategui, in Lasarte (Guipúzcoa, Northern Spain). From then onwards, he has been a successful and most well-known face of Southern Spain.

Looking at the tourism value of Marbella, he engaged himself in various activities in the promotion of Andalucía cuisines worldwide. He even worked in collaboration with Junta de Andalucía through the Ministry of Tourism to launch Spanish cuisines worldwide.

Apart from the classic Andalusia dishes of peas, ham, and eggs or the famous paella, he loves to bring something new to enhance the flavor of traditional popular gastronomy. This is why one can easily sense the variation with some fresh ingredients and impeccable preparation.

At the age of 24, Dani Garcia headed the chef unit of the Tragabuches restaurant in Ronda, Málaga. However, it was the restaurant Calima, situated in a magnificent setting next to the Mediterranean, which brought name and made him one of the most celebrity chef in Spain today. Calima, certainly, provides beautiful dining experience with some innovative foods that is a feast for the eyes and senses.

García was also awarded the Best Chef award (National Gastronomy Prize) for 2008 by Spain’s prestigious Royal Academy of Gastronomy in February, 2009. This was a recognition for his dedication and efforts in the promotion of Spanish culinary culture around the world, and hence a great ambassador for the region.

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