Getting to the Costa del Sol

With increasing infrastructure development in terms of rail, road, and airport network, it’s now very easy to reach Costa del Sol, in the southern belt of Spain.

Over the years, the region has been developed and promoted as a prominent tourist destination in Europe and hence well-served by all transportation means.

Most of foreign tourists arrive at this part of Spain by plane and the Malaga international airport, named the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport, serves as the main arrival point. However, those cities which don’t have direct flight connectivity use the airports in Madrid and Barcelona.

Located just 8 km away from the city centre and 5 km from Torremolinos, the airport has flight operation to 60 countries worldwide. Presently, it’s the 4th busiest airport in Spain. On domestic circuit, it has links to 20 Spanish cities and the airport itself is maintained with regular public transport services.

Trains & Buses from Malaga

While the Malaga Airport suburban train connects the city centre and the resorts of Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol, regular bus service further eases the traffic.

The airport bus coach directly runs to the Marbella Bus station, but one can easily get an express train or bus from the Malaga city centre. The C19 and L75 route connect Malaga Airport with the city centre covering a number of local stops on the way. Besides, there are direct buses to Seville and Granada, too.

There has been a good road network to the inland Andalusian cities and other provinces of Spain. Being one of the most developed parts of southern Spain, there is no dearth of transportation means in Costa del Sol.

Long Distance Trains

Spain has an extensive and modern railway system and the trains are run by public sector company RENFE. In recent years, the company has introduced high-speed Alta Velocidad Espanola (AVE) rail system

The Madrid-Malaga AVE high-speed train (HST) takes just 2 hr 35 min or a maximum of 3 hrs, while Madrid to Seville displays a 2 hr 20 min travel time. There are also trains running from Madrid-Cordoba, Madrid-Seville, Barcelona-Malaga, Barcelona-Seville, and Seville to Malaga.

This apart, there is long distance express trains connecting major cities of Andalucia and also Spanish capital city Madrid.  One can easily get a train from Madrid to Cadiz, Granada, Almeria, Algeciras, and Huelva among some other cities. Then there are regional trains connecting several local towns and cities in and around Costa del Sol.

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