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Disability, as described by the World Health Organisation, is an umbrella term covering impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions. In general, a disable person is one who has a physical or mental impairment as a result of which s/he becomes unable to carry out normal day-to-day activities.

Disability is a problem that can affect the individual from birth, or appear for a certain time of life as a result of an accident or illness. This can be of different forms: physical, mental, sensory, intellectual or mental, as each of these can manifest in different ways and to varying degrees.

Physical disability is a handicap that would prevent the person who suffers from motor performance, with legs and arms affected parties. The sensory one is that disability which manifests precisely in the direction of vision and hearing, while mental disability is behaviour disorders and intellectual disability is characterized by limitations in areas such as learning, communication, home life and social skills, among others.

To facilitate the rights of disable people in Marbella, the Town Hall has been taking several measures in order to improve their personal and social adjustment to normalize their lives.

The Residential Centres and Units of Diurnal Stay for Disabled are engaged in occupational therapy for the care of persons with disabilities of working age who cannot be integrated, either temporarily or permanently, in a standardized working environment.

It’s the Department for Equality and Social Welfare of Junta de Andalucía that issues the degree of disability which is given after a technical assessment. And a disabled person is considered to have a degree of disability greater than or equal to 33%.

Disability certificate assists the person in availing public aid and social benefits, handicapped parking card, subsidies for self-employment, social insurance, tax benefits, and various other government assistance carried out directly in the Counseling for Equality and Social Welfare of the Junta de Andalucía.

Among other govt aids, the Parking Card allows vehicle occupied by the disabled person to park in reserved parking and enjoys the rights set about parking and parking for local councils of people with disabilities. However, the card is personal and not transferable.

In addition, the Pensión no contributiva de invalidez (or Non-contributory invalidity pension) for retirement and disability guarantees monthly payments, health care and social security, medical aid along with various other supplementary services.

For more information, you may visit official Marbella social welfare website

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