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Marbella International School

Not only Marbella is regarded as one of the hot travel destinations in the world tourism map, the city is now emerging as a preferred overseas education base. Marbella has many International Schools offering affordable and quality educations. These international schools are usually meant to provide right and growth-oriented education course for children from 3-18 age groups.

All international schools are designed to prepare students at primary and secondary levels by adopting and imparting required academic excellence. Moreover, academicians or teachers in schools work in coordination with parents to prepare the right curriculum for the overall growth of the children.

Presently, most private schools follow the British National Curriculum and have been accredited/approved by the British Council and by the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS). These schools aim to create and develop a bilingual environment making both Spanish and English as their medium of study, thereby enabling them to gain prerequisite skills in both educational systems.

Again, the reason for this extensive following of British National Curriculum by international schools in Marbella is for a smooth transition of a student from a school with the same model, whether it is in Spain or any other country.

Among the various education programs, Marbella is home to specialized Spanish language schools or colleges in order to teach Spanish as a foreign language to students from all over the world. Here, the language is taught by highly qualified and experienced native teachers. Course duration for the Spanish language curriculum varies from short-term, long-term to academic-year programs.

Primarily, all international schools in Marbella—either privately run or public owned—are practiced to building a child-centered environment which enables a child to feel secure and independent while learning the academic skills in his/her early years. Moreover, the schools follow a balanced curriculum which allows children of any community to be in the right perspective in nurturing the intellectual, moral, spiritual, social and cultural aspects.

Apart from the usual course and curriculum, international schools in Marbella also offer a range of other unique and dedicated subjects, including business management, computer science and IT, theatre and arts, etc. Besides, there are schools those offer distance learning through internet; students even can reach out a live class according to the common British curriculum.

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