Laura Stanbridge, CCG

Laura Stanbridge, the Group Managing Director of CCG – a leading firm of accountants, tax, legal and HR specialists in Spain – has been quite active in the integration of foreign nationals in the Spanish business community. With continuous effort in the last few years, she has been succeeded in bringing foreign investment to the Andalucía region.

A graduate from the School of International Service at American University in Washington D.C and later with a specialisation in European Integration, Laura Stanbridge began her professional career in 1984 with the American computer company, General Automation, in Paris. Later with support from the French government, she established the first French speaking television station in the US.

The French American Communications and Television Services (FACTS) which provided French news programming in the New York region was also one of her creation during the time of Gulf War. While working for CASE television in London, in 1991, she got credit for broadcasting a number of documentaries on BBC and Channel 4.

In her professional career she further continued in the communication industry with special focus on numerous aspects related to corporate, consumer and communication. However, it was the year 2002 when she and her spouse John Stanbridge decided to move to Marbella, Spain, and set up KSi Costa Consulting (now known as CCG).

CCG now works with many business organisations and Spanish government at both local and state level. Recognising the competence of Andalucia business community with the abundance of creative ideas and business infrastructure, Laura has stressed on the promotion of Andalusia as a business destination.

Recently, she was also greatly involved in introducing Marbella to the NYC Chamber of Commerce, where Marbella Mayoress Angeles Munoz rang the closing bell at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange Headquarters. For her extensive contribution to the commerce of the City, Laura was also honoured by the Marbella City Council at the first Annual Entrepreneur Assembly.

This apart, Laura is active in many organisation including the National Board of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain, responsible for Public Affairs; Vice President of the American Club of Marbella; Alumni Board of American University in Washington DC; Women in Business on the Costa del Sol; and a regular guest speaker for CADE events (Junta de Andalucia).

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