Financial aid for citizens in Marbella

Delegation of Social Welfare Marbella in recognition to social rights is committed to provide citizens a better life by ensuring a basic standard of living with all needed facilities and service. In addition to various social benefits like free education up to 16 years of age, free healthcare, and health insurance, the local government is also providing financial aid to the needy.

Individuals and families, who are not able to meet their usual needs, may avail financial support, the social emergency characterised by being a non-recurrent provision. The social welfare department also provides monetary assistance on a regular basis run by the Junta de Andalucía.

Retirement & Disability Pension: Non-contributory disability and retirement pension is provided to all, and people who get right to such pension scheme become Social Security pensioners with same benefits as the rest of pensioners can enjoy. It includes monthly financial assistance, medical and pharmaceutical among others. [More information for disabled people in Marbella]

Social Wage: Salario Social or Social Wage is provided to those who have a very low monthly income. At least one member of the family may register to receive economic benefits for one year. As we know economic welfare underlines the level of prosperity and quality of living standards, the government here guarantees a minimum income, educational measures for children, access to housing, etc.

Individual Grant & Aid: Ayudas Publicas Individuales or individual government assistance is managed directly by the Bienestar Social de la Junta de Andalucía. This is directed to the elderly, people with disabilities, minors, groups with special needs, and those in a situation of dependency.

Large Family Aid: Marbella Delegacion de Bienestar Social provides economic aid to large families (Familia numerosa). A ‘Large Family’ is generally recognised with the heads of the household, your spouse, if any, with three or more children. And in case one spouse has a disability certificate with two children or both family members are disable, they are also eligible for the same economic assistance from the Autonomous Community of Andalusia.

The Marbella local administration also provides Family Economic Grants (Ayudas Economia Familiar) and is only awarded to families who lack economic resources for child care, which includes clothing, food, education etc. Besides, financial assistance is also available as Social Emergency (Emergencia Social) to individual and household in situations of dire need.

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