Marbella Car Rental

Travelling in and around Costa del Sol and cities like Marbella and Malaga has been very much easy, considering the good transport network, including the availability of taxis and car rental options.

For those, who are coming from Malaga airport, there are good car rental options to make tour to Marbella tour pleasurable. You may either hire your car at Malaga airport on your arrival or book it in advance through online booking by different car rental companies.

Most of the Marbella car rental companies also offers car rental in Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola and Mijas Costa. Companies with fleet of cars – of different sizes and brand – further make this quite easy for you hire your preferred one as per your need.

Getting to and from Marbella, either from Malaga Airport (Pablo Ruíz Picasso), Gibraltar or Jerez Airport is just a matter of few minutes or a couple of hours drive. Malaga airport is however the nearest one which is about 40 minutes drive from Marbella.

Car Rental inside Marbella

If you are not in need of a car from the airport pick up and only need the service of a car rental company for your tour inside the town, there are many companies like Marbesol, Europcar, National Atesa, Helle Holis and Marbella Car Hire, among others to attend your query.

Although Marbella bus service is one of the finest ways to travel around the city or move for an excursion to some of the nearest travel points, moving with a car has its own charm… as you have the liberty to stop at any place and then continue your journey at your convenience.

If you are hiring a car through online booking, it is better to compare prices of different companies and go for the best one. Prices for more than two passengers or travelling during night may vary a little from the base fare; nevertheless, it’s all safe and secure travelling in a rented car and with an English-speaking driver.

Luxury Car Hire in Marbella

Some car rental companies also offer luxury car hire service in Marbella and other areas of Costa del Sol. Marbella has some of the best roads in Europe and the mountain passes to Ronda are simply astoundingly breathtaking. So, you may ask your Marbella car rental company for a luxury car experience with unsurpassed thrills.

Thus travelling in and around Marbella goes well with its elegant image with all facilities and service at your doorsteps. As a tourist friendly city and as one of the most visited place on the Costa del Sol, you can only expect better service as far as car rental or car hire in Marbella is concerned.

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