Marbella to keep aesthetic values of Historic Centre

Recently, the Marbella Town Hall has approved a proposal to maintain the image of the Historic Centre by following some aesthetic rules. With some new regulations, the City is intended to protect the great architectural value, which directly affects the image of the city and its economic fabric, as said by govt. spokesman Felix Romero.

As per the new regulation, all those buildings and commercial premises, constructed in recent time, have to undergo some minor modification or change their facades. It is to mention here that earlier there was no such attempt to consider the essential aesthetic aspects to preserve the spirit of this unique area.

The proposal underlines the use of particular colours and elements in the construction of building structure. Following the structure of Andalusian Village, the ordinance promotes extensive use of a range of ocher and indigo soft colour without any metallic or glossy finishes.

In addition, no decorative materials may be used to replace paint finishes in stone, like marble or granite. It also regulates aspects related to the drainage pipes, gutters, balconies and facilities such as air-conditioning, henceforth, not be placed on the facades facing the street but on the cover of buildings and courtyards.

Marbella old quarter or “Casco Antiguo” is famous for numerous historic monuments and ancient structures dating back to 16th century. Much before its popularity as an exclusive Mediterranean resort town, the Andalucian charm is typically characterized with its historic structures and associated culture.

The ruins of Arab (Moorish) wall, old churches and squares speak volumes about the rich cultural heritage of the city. Whether it’s the Orange Square (or Plaza de los Naranjos), the Chapel of Santiago, the Church of Saint Mary, or simply the narrow winding streets, these together builds the image of the city.

Hence, above all developmental issues, it’s the prerogative of the local administration to maintain the originality of the town by encouraging no more gigantic and unalike construction around these important historical relics.

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