Marbella tourism in the recovery mode

Speaking at a press meet, the municipal delegate of Tourism, Jose Luis Hernandez, on Tuesday highlighted the increase in number of tourists to Marbella, which signals a recovery of both tourism and real estate market.

The government data shows a 16 percent increase in tourist numbers recorded in the first quarter of this year (March 2010) compared to the same period of last year.

The City Council stressed the growth in tourism in Marbella while comparing the data with the whole of Costa del Sol, where the number of passengers has fallen by 8 percent. The data further shows an increase of 11 percent of overnight stays in front of the 3 percent drop registered in the entire Costa del Sol region.

Among other facts that should be taken into account, it has been observed that during the said period total employment was around 31 percent, 3.5 percent more compared to last year, and there is a northward movement in domestic tourism by 31 percent from 11,536 visitors in 2009 to 15,194 in 2010.

To the tune of domestic holidaymakers, foreign tourists also recorded a good number with as many as 81,000 overnight stays compared to 33,000 Spanish visitors.

Expressing satisfaction with the growth rate, the municipal delegate also emphasized on the possibility of growth in the housing sector. ‘The stats are optimistic in this season and in addition to good data recorded in the Holy Week, with an occupancy rate of 81 and a rise in the net sale and purchase of housing, it’s a positive sign for the real estate market,’ Jose added.

The statistics has also updated to the Instituto Nacional de Estadística (National Statistics Institute -INE) to track the growth as the city will continue working hard to consolidate this trend in the remainder of the season.

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