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iPhone and iPad owners can learn much more about Marbella and get a range of tourist information through a new application which is FREE to download. This innovative project is an initiative from the Marbella Town Hall to bring Marbella at the forefront of tourism market trends.

It is an initiative that not only provides visitors an opportunity to obtain tourist information in an innovative and exceptional way, but also has great potential for business for the local business persons, as this allows them to reach a large number of customers in an easy and convenient way.

As far as Marbella tourism is concerned, this new tool certainly helps travellers to find information on places of attractions and details about many service providers. The program- designed under the name of Marbella, has in fact a server that connects the user with all the tourist information in the municipality through a series of directories of hotels, restaurants, services, leisure nightlife, among others.

In that sense, it works as an internet database with numerous information that users can reach to. Most importantly, it shows the tourists services that Marbella offers and also takes into account the changing habits of tourists to Marbella.

Thus far, there are about 1,100 companies offering their services through this application, while the geographical locator provides users- access to various useful facilities including addresses of public offices, banks, pharmacies, and even provides direction to a service point from your current location along with alternative routes.

Since coming into operation, the application has registered over 16,000 downloads in countries as remote as United States, Japan, New Zealand and Chile, which demonstrates it strength as a tool of promotion. Hence the idea of promoting Marbella through this new technology seems sensible, and that to in a region where the number of iPhone users is very common on the streets.

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