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louloumoiOur marbella people interview today is with Marlies Bielen.

So Marlies, What do you do for a living?

I’m running my own web design studio in Elviria

What made you move to the Costa del Sol?

I’m living here for the second time in 10 years, after being back to Belgium, now again 3 years.
The costa del sol has many beautiful things to offer besides (almost) all year sun.
I do like the mentality and atmosphere here at most.

Tell us your greatest business or personal accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment today is to bring up my little 2 years old girl Loulou as a single business-mum.

Why would you recommend the Costa del Sol for business and Lifestyle?

I would recommend the Costa del Sol especially because of it’s lifestyle.
It’s so much more relaxed than in the north of Europe.
It’s easy to socialize as well here.

If you could change one thing about Spain, what would it be?

I wouldn’t change one thing about Spain !

Describe yourself in 3 words

Independent, Extravert, Dreamer

What is your favourite Restaurant and Why?

I love the Fondue-lounge in Elviria because they serve the most delicious Belgian food

What is the last film you saw at the Cinema or DVD?

The Incredibles with my little girl

What advice would you give to someone moving to Spain?

I would advise someone moving to Spain to do their homework regarding renting or buying a property because that can be tricky here.

Name one other business you would recommend on the Costa Del Sol and why?

I would recommend the “La Cañada” shopping center in Marbella because it’s the most complete shopping mall with stores for everyone.

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