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Nikki-Beach-MarbellaThe 5,000 mile of coastline in Spain is graced with many beautiful beaches, and Marbella in Costa del Sol is one of those few regions known for beach resorts and clubs. Often regarded as Spain’s Miami or Monaco, Marbella too has its own way of charm with beaches like ‘Nikki’. The seafront destination is every beach lover’s dream.

Located at the Don Carlos Hotel beach, 7 km from the Marbella city centre, Nikki Beach is packed with fantastic food and raving beach parties in companionship of cocktail and champagne. Its sophistication, bathed in Mediterranean sunshine, is the reason of constant tourist herd all year round.

Situated in just about 15 minutes of the Marbella city centre, Nikki beach is the most favoured beach destination among local socialite, world celebrities and some rich businessmen. Tourists just flock to experience the natural ambiance in a relaxed sunbathing environment whilst the resident DJ spins the record with nonstop music tracks to further charge up the already set atmosphere.

The beach is well served with a range of other essential services for the ultimate pleasure which include foot baths, fresh sea food, superb wine, champagne, live concerts and facilities for private convention. Besides, there are a wide variety of water sports to try for, and if you are not into that kind of adventure then just relax in your lounge chair enjoying the view of the bay.

The most entertaining part of Nikki beach is its crowded and noisy late night bash including the Full Moon Parties. As the sun sets, the stage is set for a daily fiesta with dance, music, food and party all night. Among other festivities, there are the Mojito parties, champagne contests, and dinner and dance nights; on the whole it hosts one of the most prestigious nightlife crowds.

Nikki offers the best cuisine menu that includes fresh fish, meats, chilli and rice noodles, sandwiches, delicious salads and fantastic sushi complemented with varied ingredients. Lunch can be served as per your wish, either on the bar terrace or the beach.

The other appeal to the beach is its long event calendar. In the Amazing Sundays, Nikki welcomes the fashion and glamour world to party their weekend away in a whole entertainment night with professional dancers, musicians and DJs.

The Brazil Party brings the whole lot Brazil experience to the beach when visitors dance in tune with samba while sipping cocktail and wine all day long. Besides, there are a whole lot of entertainment activities including fashion shows, world tour champagne parties and many more to look for at the sensational Nikki Beach Marbella.

For more information about Nikki Beach
Playa Hotel Don Carlos,
Carretera De Cadiz,
Marbella East,
Tel: +34 952 836 239

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